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What is SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO services or SEO Solutions, is means through those web sites get their pages to show at the top of a search engine query page. Having your site shown at the top of the page has many benefits. More people will be able to see your website and be capable to use your products and services. It also provides the cutting edge in your business world by placing your business above those of your competitors.
Most of the people never even go to the second page of the search results query display. Most people will click the highest ranked web page, and if they find what they are looking for, they will not even bother to look any further. This means if your website will not be at the top or on the 1st page, it may as well be invisible.
SEO is the cheapest and straightest and target specific means of getting your message to your required target audience. SEO suggestion and strategies are an important part of utilizing the web to the advantage of your business and optimizing your business reach. Here are a few do's and don'ts that you need to be aware of in the world of SEO tactics.
What to Do???
There are various search engines on the internet, like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Bing. All of them have separately specific criteria that they work from to decide which pages are more relevant and can be displayed on the top of a page, but they all have a few things in common that they look for.
An important thing to perform is to have various internal and external links on your website that should be linked to quality content. This indicates that your website has precious content that other websites are linked to and that you also incorporate additional information by linking your website to external sources.
Another important thing to work with is key words and Meta tags in text, headers and photos. These tags can help search engines to better identify and categorize the content within your website.
In order to make your web site visible and get search engines like Google to put your website at the top of a query page you should use these techniques which are usually common between us.

*) How to SEO 

*) Ways of SEO 
1) Forum Posting
2) Blog Commenting
3) Directory Submission
4) Article Submission
5) Social Bookmarking
6) Link Wheel 
7) SEO Press Release

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