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Alexa Rank

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What is Alexa Rank ?
Alexa Rank is a scheme of ranking of websites or blogs in which the ranking is done on the basis of the density of traffic every website or blog has by counting the number of visitors at a particular time. But for Alexa Rank to work, it must be ensured that Alexa Toolbar is installed and is running. Installing Alexa Toolbar is recommended because the bloggers and advertising companies or advertising networks such as Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertisers normally pay attention on the Alexa Rank for deciding whether a review be obtained for the said blogs or websites. High number of Alexa rank of a website seems to be important just because, the advertising companies rely on this ranking to determine the cost for placing advertisements in the concerned websites. Many advertisers and ad networks use Alexa Rank to determine the website's value of advertising, as examples; Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe are such advertising companies. Using Alexa Rank, these companies decide how much to pay for an advertisement in the websites or blogs. Hence, higher Alexa Rank gives higher popularity and inclination towards such websites.
Benefits of Higher Alexa Rank
There are many benefits of higher Alexa Rank as; the Alexa Ranking scheme considers records of last three months when calculating the Rank of a particular website. By counting last three months' record and taking the average value, gives a more logical and realistic calculation of the density of traffic of websites. Considering records of last three months lessen the chance of fabrication of abnormal hike in website logging in. Here it must be kept in mind that Alexa assess those web sites which have been visited by the users through the Alexa toolbar. Hence, there are greater chances for web sites which have much traffic of visitors and have higher Alexa rank, to get larger exposure.
Further on the other side, if some websites have few users but through Alexa toolbar they accessed the website and the same website will get ranked high enough. Having higher Alexa rank for a website gives a hint of the rush of a particular web site and the popularity of it. This popularity helps to make a decision as to whether to trust a website or make online purchases. It helps to measure the level of competition with other web sites by watching others' Alexa Rank.
Also, having high Alexa Rank attracts advertisers and they simply fix higher prices for their advertising in your web site. This includes blogs also. A blog which has high Alexa Rank definitely attracts other bloggers attention and they definitely place links of your blogs which in turn increases your popularity. As far as marketing websites are considered, a site which has high Alexa Rank has a high selling rate than other sites which sell the same products. This is proven by many marketing surveys. High Alexa rank increases the popularity of a web site which is the exact need of the authors.

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Page Rank

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A quick definition of Page Rank, “A numerical value to measure the relative importance of the web page within the Internet”. Wikipedia has a more detailed explanation at Put http:// in front for the full URL. Article sites do not allow an active link in the first paragraph. Page Rank was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as part of a research for a new search engine. Guess what the name of that search engine is? Yep, Google.
The rank of pages in a website is a major factor that Google uses to rank a website. I commented in early December 2006 that the traffic to the RJO site had suddenly increased. This was due to RJO making it to the first page of the search engines. This was the same time that Google raised the page rank for the RJO home page to a page rank 3.
How do you find the page rank for a page? If you install the Google toolbar on your browser, the page rank will be displayed on the tool bar. Each time you look at a web page, the display will show you the page rank. It is handy to know if you are looking at a page that Google has ranked as valuable or if it is not rated.
If you are building a website, you need traffic to your site. The page rank of the pages in the site will determine where they rank on the search engines. Be on the first page of Google and you will get your traffic. Anywhere else, you are almost invisible.

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Keyword Selection

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The vast majority of internet, niche or affiliate marketers are simply concerned with driving traffic to their websites in as large a quantity as possible which then in turn will lead to greater sales. There are different strategies that can be put in place regarding how the chosen keyword phrases are incorporated into articles and copy on the pages of the website.
Many marketers new to the game, will search for the most popular keywords related to their niche and build their page or indeed their site around these keywords. For a novice at internet marketing and SEO this would probably be a mistake. The competition for the most lucrative keywords is bound to be extremely fierce and someone inexperienced is unlikely to be able to get their site high in the rankings and hence very little traffic will be the result. It is true to say that there will be huge numbers, potentially, of people searching the web for these keyword phrases which are very popular but you really need to try and get ranked on the first page if your site is to glean much traffic from the search engines. Indeed the first two places will take the majority of searches.
In many cases the top ranked sites will be sites which carry high authority. For a newbie to keyword SEO and link building, it would be nigh on impossible to knock these high authority sites of their top spots in the rankings. So what should you do?
The answer for most beginners is to focus on the not so common keyword phrases. Phrases that may receive only a fraction of the searches but, and this is the crucial bit, only have a fraction of the competition. They are known as long tail keywords. Eg. Without a significant SEO campaign you would find it hard to top the rankings as a newbie for a keyword phrase of 'magic tricks'. However if you targeted 'magic tricks explored' or 'magic tricks exposed' the competition will be far easier to rank higher than, in most cases. True enough there may only be a fraction of the searches but if you could get in the top two spots, then those searches could all be yours.
Now if you optimized your site such that each article on your site had a single long tail keyword phrase such as this as its focus, then potentially all your articles could be drawing in some searches and as a result the overall total of visitors could be quite large. This is a very successful ploy by many experienced internet marketers. The sum of all the long tail searches usually exceeds the searches for the most common keywords.
Once you become more skillful with your keyword SEO and how you build back links to your site, you may be able to target keyword phrases which are more lucrative as you will have the skill set to out rank many rivals and potentially build your site's reputation as an authority site in its own right. You will soon learn if it is possible to take on the top sites for any particular phrase and out rank them. There are many keyword and SEO tools will you can use to help you deduce if it is worth your while trying to do this. Some SEO tools will tell you the strength of the competition in terms of the number and quality of their back links for example.
Most experienced marketers will therefore target a mixture of long tail keywords and selected popular keywords, constantly fine tuning until the balance is right. If you are just starting out go for the long tail first, leaving the others until you have greater SEO skills.

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Benefits of SEO

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Search engine optimization web page promoting is one in the most sought immediately after internet marketing services. Research motor optimization or Search engine marketing promoting can guide your site create more clicks and leads via look up engines directly. There are various consumers based inside the UK, Canada, Australia, and also the US, which generally seek for ideal and inexpensive Search engine optimization advertising and marketing solutions for their internet websites. While using boom within the IT business, quite a few Seo support corporations have began providing Website positioning services to consumers globally.
The leading Website positioning rankings shall attract far more visitors to the site plus the primary aim of the Search engine optimization marketing design is to target consumers keen for the organization providers. Google is amongst one of the most common research engines and there are many businessmen and webmasters focusing their efforts on receiving greater look up engine rankings for their search phrases. Within the other hand, Yahoo is much less favorite compared to Google nonetheless it does not mean one ignores this motor. Thus, one cannot neglect Yahoo even though promoting the web page.
Time is usually spent developing a normal linking pattern for your web page. By avoiding link farms, and reciprocal-link requests from fraudulent websites, and thus, focusing on linking to and from authoritative web sites, and you will be set for achievement. If you are not confident should the internet site is respected, sometimes, common sense might be your finest friend. In case the answer to 'would you like to tell your good friends and household to stop by this great website' is usually a no, then that should be the right answer.
A web page have to become search-engine friendly. And, to make certain that all your website's pages are adequately indexed with all research engines, it can be crucial to steer clear of broken links, automatic redirects, an all-flash or all-images pages, and each page contains unique and informative text.
Submit, Review, Revise, Submit once again, and continue to keep going! Optimization is definitely an ongoing project, hence, it can be significant to critique your rankings at the least after a month and to compare your site against other competitors. Not simply do new internet sites appear all of the time but look for engines, continuously change their ranking criteria, so a ranking on the first page today, may possibly drop to web page 3 within the following week. It is essential for a internet site to grow in size and content as otherwise it's going to fall behind other sites on the World wide web fighting for the very same leading ranking that you simply are searching for.

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Free SEO Tools

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They are efficient assistants for webmasters in analyzing and evaluating websites, and can help them improve rankings in Alexa. We provide ten great SEO tools for optimizing traffic and ranks for webmasters.
According to the survey results, 60% of website accessing amount is made through search services (search engine) and over 90% of web users only click on the first search result. If your website appears at the top of the results list, it would be much more likely to attract accessing of users. This shows the importance of optimizing websites in order that search services find it easily - which is known as the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If this phase is done correctly and perfectly, SEO can help you increase both the number of users and site traffic.
SEO is the work which required much effort and time. Although the market has advanced tools with high prices, but there are also totally free tools that can help you (webmasters), save effort.
1. Google Webmaster Tools:
Google always provide their real fans with totally free but worthwhile applications and Google Webmaster Tools is one of them. This is an online service (account required) that provides a detailed report about the "visibility" of your website in Google, such as the state index, broken link, site accessing queries and many features which help webmasters improve the visibility for websites in search engines like robots.txt setting and sitemap. It can even check malware and speed of access to your website.
2. Google Analytics:
Another tool from Google that almost all current webmasters know: Google Analytics (GA). GA is a tool for monitoring and analyzing website. In this case, GA requires you to embed a script into your web page - only webmasters can do this. For a valuable achievement, GA supply the statistics of website accessing, it helps you analyze important aspects of website content and users so as to have the appropriate strategy.
Two free tools from Google show you how Google look at your website as well as how to take advantage of this number-one search service.
3. Yahoo Site Explorer:
Creating links is an important part of improving rankings. There are a number of link analysis tools such as Link Diagnosis, Link Assistant and Backlink Watch. However, there are no tools which can work as efficiently as Yahoo's Site Explorer, it not only find links referring to your website but also make an order list by their importance.
In addition to link analysis, Site Explorer has a feature to help you improve SEO ability for Yahoo's which is similar to Google Webmaster Tools.
4. Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit
This SEO Tool is a big one of the giant corporation Microsoft. This tool is only installed on the IIS 7 Web server, but you can use it to analyze any remote site (no web server running on IIS 7 is required and it can work with Apache web server running on Linux).
IIS SEO Toolkit consists of the Site Analysis, Robots Exclusion, Sitemaps and Site Indexes that allows you to analyze detailed website and offer suggestions, robot and sitemap editing tools. With the Toolkit, you can make your website content much friendlier with other search services.
5. Sitemap Generator AuditMyPC:
To climb up to the first page of search engine, your site should become familiar to services like Google search engine. An important method for this is to create a sitemap to your website and show itself to search services.
There are many tools to create site map, of which the AuditPC Sitemap Generator is probably the best: it is an online service which can run in the browser (Java required) and an unlimited number of Web pages.
6. SEO Toolbar:
The additional libraries for Firefox provides a complete SEO kit on a toolbar, including the rank test (Google PR, Alexa Rank), website and keyword analysis, competition website comparison and many other useful features.
Google also has a similar tool for users of Google Chrome browser: Site SEO Tools extension. This open Chrome Library gives you general information about the SEO of the website in a window.
7. Yahoo YSlow:
This is in addition plug-in to of Firefox integrating with the Firebug tool. YSlow analyzes web pages and information in the web page elements and offers recommendations to improve speed as well as providing tools for speed analysis like JSLint or
8. Xenu Link Sleuth:
This small application runs on all versions of Windows (desktop environment, not server environment). It is well designed and easy to use, it has the ability to quickly detect broken links (error 404) in your website. Therefore, Xenu provides you much useful information to help you in search engine marketing.
9. SocialMention:
This online services search in blogs and small blogs, forums, question-answer pages, social networks, calendar events and news to calculate information related to your brand or keywords you enter.
10. Website Grader:
This online service measures website marketing performance. It gives a score based on information such as website traffic, SEO, website popularity in social networks and other technical parameters. It also offers basic tips to improve web promotion.

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Is it possible for businesses to reduce marketing budgets whilst increasing their effectiveness? Can a company ultimately increase its marketing ROI (return on investment) without breaking the bank? Surprisingly, they can. One of the more cost-effective marketing approaches is to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. So, what is PPC advertising and is there a PPC agency that can help guide businesses through the process?
Understanding Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Today's businesses have a choice between outbound marketing approaches and inbound marketing approaches. Outbound marketing approaches are the more understood marketing initiatives of TV, radio, print and magazine advertisements. However, the costs to enact such marketing strategies are extremely high. In fact, companies must have substantial marketing budgets to ensure these approaches are ultimately effective. However, inbound marketing is essentially online marketing. In this case, instead of companies spending vast amounts of funds trying to find customers, customers themselves search for the company. The PPC agency works alongside the business to come up with the most recognized keywords used by potential customers in their search for online information. These keywords are then matched to a PPC campaign that is spread across the internet. When thinking of PPC, think of the ads one might see on a blog or website that are shown as visual or text ads.
The Cost of PPC advertising
The cost of PPC advertising varies according to the type of plan and the size of a company's budget. However, by and large, the cost per click runs the gambit from 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, all the way to £1 & £2. The PPC agency will match the company's marketing budget with the appropriate cost per-click. Companies that have larger budgets will likely opt for a higher PPC cost whilst companies with lower budgets will opt for the lower cost. The cost per click determines the visibility the company's ads receive on the internet. The higher the cost, the more likely the company's ads will appear on high traffic websites.
Because consumers today are dialed into the internet like never before, having a strong online marketing presence is paramount to success. To this end, PPC advertising has not only become extremely cost effective, but also ensures that a company's prospects are more likely to be converted to paying customers.

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